15 Blazing Fast DNS Servers for PS4 To Improve Speed

It’s a pretty holiday and you’re chilling on the couch, playing games on your PS4 and competing with your friends and your game is getting intense you’re just about to win and then all of the sudden you realise that the game is getting slow and you notice the ping which is just touching the sky and boom it’s the end. Okay stop blaming your ISP now it is not his fault every time, sometimes it might be, but every time? I doubt that

Instead, it could be the fault of your DNS and for that, you need some fast DNS servers for PS4  that will enhance the speed of your gadget by improving your ping and stabilize your connection.

Still, confused about what a DNS is and how does it work? Relax! We’ve got you covered

What is DNS?

In the world of networking, computers don’t go by names like humans do, they go by numbers because that’s how computer and other similar devices talk and identify with each other over a network which is by using numbers such as IP addresses.

So to bridge the communication gap between computers and humans and make communication a lot easier, networking engineers developed DNS, and DNS stands for Domain name system. DNS resolves names to numbers, to be more specific it resolves domain names to IP addresses. so if you type in a web address in your web browser, DNS will resolve the name to a number because the only thing computers know are numbers.

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so for example if you wanted to go to a certain website you would open up your web browser and type in the domain name of that website, so for example let’s use yahoo.com. now technically you don’t have to type in yahoo.com. to retrieve the yahoo web page, you can just type in the IP address instead if you already knew what the IP address was, but since we are not accustomed to memorizing and dealing with numbers, especially when there are millions of websites on the internet, we can just type in the domain name instead and let DNS convert it to an IP address for us.

How Does It Work?

So when a user types any domain name in a web browser the DNS server will search through its database to find a matching IP address for that domain name, and when it finds it will resolve that domain name to the IP address of the site the user has searched and once that is done then your computer can communicate with the searched site server and retrieve the webpage. So DNS works like a phone book, when you want to find a number, you don’t look up the number first, you look up the name first, then it will give you the number, sounds cool to me, isn’t it?

How to Change Your DNS Server

To change the DNS settings on your PS4, do the following:

1. Go to Settings > Network > Setup internet connection

fast DNS servers for PS4

2. Choose your connection type (Wifi/LAN, LAN is much faster)

fast DNS servers for PS4

3. Choose Custom setup> Choose Automatic IP address settings> Do Not Specify DHCP Hostname

4. DNS Settings, choose Manual

fast DNS servers for PS4

5. Enter your Primary and Secondary DNS to test

fast DNS servers for PS4

6. Automatic MTU Settings> Proxy Server Do not use

7. Then test your new setup

fast DNS servers for PS4

8. Test the Internet Connection once the setup is done.

fast DNS servers for PS4

15 Fastest DNS Servers for PS4

15 Blazing Fast DNS Servers for PS4 To Improve Speed


It can be described as one of the biggest network operating on the internet. Many people use its service to increase the device’s security and to enhance the performance of their websites and services. It offers a free DNS service called that the user can use on any device.


Also known as the Google public DNS  is a DNS service offered to internet users over the world by Google. 

It works as a recursive name server for public usage at the following four IP addresses.

DOH addresshttps://dns.google/dns-query https://dns.google/resolve
IPv4 addresses8.
IPv6 addresses 2001:4860:4860::88882001:4860:4860::8844

3.Open DNS

It is an American company providing DNS resolution services with several features such as phishing protection and optional content filtering.  

Looking up in its DNS services and a cloud computing security to protect its users from different kinds of threats.  The OpenDNS global network processes around 100 billion DNS queries every day from 85 million users through 25 data centres set up worldwide.

Their name servers are always: 208.67. 222.222. 208.67. 220.220.

4.Comodo  Secure DNS

It is a domain name resolution services that its users request through its outside network of redundant DNS servers.  

They provide a much faster and more reliable Internet browsing experience than using the ordinance DNS servers provided by your ISP and it also does not require any hardware or software installation.

IPv4 DNS Server:


5.Dynamic DNS

It allows you to access your device from the internet via a very easy simple to remember domain name.

They used the TSIG mechanism to provide security. Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a kind of service that keeps the DNS updated with the web property’s correct IP address, even if the IP address is constantly being updated.

Primary DNS  Secondary DNS


It is a top-level- information centre which regulates non-national alternative to traditional TLD (top-level Domain) for example ICANN. 

OpenNIC recursive servers are generally known for their high speed and low latency as compared to other more vividly used DNS servers.

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

7.Verisign Public DNS 

It is a recursive DNS service that provides extensive DNS experience and expertise. 

It also claims to respect its user’s privacy. It also offers a range of various security services including managed DNS, DDOS ( distributed denial of service), attack migration and various cyber-threat reporting.

Primary DNSSecondary DNS

The Other DNS Are as Follows:-

  • Yandex DNS 
  • Level 3
  • DNSAdvantage
  • Uncensored DNS 
  • Ad guard DNS
  • UltraRecursive DNS
  • Quad9
  • Clean Browsing

Some Commonly Asked Questions About the Best DNS Servers for PS4

1.Is changing DNS on PS4 safe?

It is completely harmless to change your DNS on PS4, until and unless you are changing it to one of your trusted DNS servers and in future, if you want to reverse your settings to the default DNS you can easily do that as well!

2.What DNS servers should I use for PS4?

Honestly, one DNS setting does not work for everyone but in my opinion, among the free servers you can try these
1) (Cloudflare)
2) (OpenDNS)
3) (GoogleDNS secondary server)

3.How to Change DNS Settings to Boost Internet Speed?

First, open your system preferencesearch for DNS servers and tap on itclick the ‘+’ tab to add a DNS server then enter 1.1. 1.1 and 1.0. 0.1 (for redundancy)click ‘ok’ and then apply.

Conclusion for Fastest DNS Servers For PS4

In the end, it all comes down to the server which provides you with the minimum latency possible.  The DNS server which is working for everyone doesn’t need to work best for you as well because it depends on the geographical location as well as the other possible factors and that’s the reason we cannot call any DNS server “the best”.

But after considering various ratings, facts and factors we’ve shortlisted the 15 best DNS servers for your PS4 to make your PS4 experience the smoothest. If you still face any trouble regarding any of the DNS servers mentioned above or have any suggestions for us feel free to write us in the comment section below. 

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