Why Gboard Keeps Stopping? How To Fix it in 10 Minutes?

Are you facing the issue of Gboard Keeps Stopping? If yes, then this article is totally dedicated to you, where I am going to show some quick solutions to solve this issue within just 10 minutes.

Android users have been too curious to use the google platform and apps on their operating system.

 Gboard is one of such amazing apps, which has been used widely around the world.

What makes it unique is providing full access to getting the right vocabulary without searching it separately. And also gives you mind blowing experience in your overall typing experience.

Imagine yourself writing a presentation, and you are all set with it to blow others’ minds with your skills. Meanwhile, you shift to your favorite Gboard Keyboard from the regular one and are ready to put your magical words. Wait! Did your Gboard has stopped unfortunately? So what’s next to do? Would you have an option to pass the information to your seniors that your phone has gone nuts? Obviously No! But you also can’t take the risk of being fired and wonder why my Google Gboard keeps stopping.

Don’t worry. In this article, we bring you amazing tricks to clean the mess off gborad not working. Now, you won’t have to worry about your Gboard being stopped; keep following us till the end to grab the solutions.

Before proceeding, lets me know more about Gboard issues in detail.

What is Gboard?

Gboard Logo

What is Gboard?

G board was developed by Google for Android and Ios users to be used as a virtual keyboard. Since then, the app has undergone multiple updates to seek improvement. It features options like

  • Search
  • Sharing GIFs and
  • AI, suggesting the next word about the context while you are typing
  • It also provides the option of multilingual language support and voice typing.

Why Is Gboard keeps stopping?

There has been no official acknowledgment for the issue of Gboard crashing. Recently many android smartphone users have also been reported Gboard stopped working without any prior notice after the update of the phone. Users were locked out of the phone and weren’t able to even unlock it. Based on reports, Androids users have been facing much of the problem of “Gboard Not Working” when compared to iOS ones.

If you are wondering what does Gboard has stop means, here is the answer.

  1.  Whether powered by Google or being constructed under any workstation, every app can work only upon the internet.
  2.  This app, when in operation, consumes data and temporary files, which later turn into bugs.
  3. These bugs arise problems in the smooth functioning of the process of the app.
  4. Although they can be removed easily by deleting those unwanted files, sometimes the issues reach software plagues.
  5. In such a scenario, the user is left with no together option other than deleting the app permanently.

There could be multiple reasons due to which the errors have occurred, and we would be discussing it further with relevant solutions about why Gboard stopped working.

How to solve Gboard Unfortunately Stopping problem?

There is no quick fix to solve this issue. Because there are multiple reasons which force Gboard to stop without any prior notice.

So, In order to solve this problem you must have to try different solutions. And I’m pretty sure that any one of them will surely work for you.

  • Restart Mobile Phone
  • Clear all Data for Gboard
  • Force Stop Application
  • Downgrade or Check for App Updates
  • Disable Gboard
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the App

and many more…

For your better understanding, I’ve listed all of them one by one. Let’s start from the most basic to advance troubleshooting.

Restart your Device

Restart Mobile Phone
Restart Your Mobile Phone

The most commonly used method to quickly fix this problem is by rebooting your device by pressing the lock button for 10 seconds once the phone restarts, check if the problem still exists.

Compatibility issue with other Apps

Sometimes the issue is in the application with which the Gboard is being used. You must try Gboard on different apps to cross-check if the “Unfortunately Gboard Keeps Stopping” Message popups.

To check and solve this problem you need to find any similar application installed on your device. And if found then simply uninstall or force close it, and then try to work with Gboard.

Low Device Space

Low Disk Space Issue
Mobile Memory Full

Every app requires sufficient space on the device and RAM to continue performing operations. Your low device space can also be a reason for the Gboard not functioning correctly. To fight this problem, you need to make some quick space in your device by clearing unused apps and watch if the android Gboard has stopped or not.

You can also use Application like Google File Manager to identify junk files and remove them to make more space in your mobile.

Downgrade or Update Gboard App

The Gboard update could also be one of the reasons behind lagging. To fix this issue, one can downgrade the update or wait for the next update to improve the bugs. For doing so,

Downgrade or Update Application
Downgrade or Update Android APK
  • Go to Google Play Store
  •  click on the three icons present at the top left corner
  •  It will show an update option click on it and find the Gboard option. It will appear if the update is available.

And if there is no app update found then try to Downgrade Application version. To Downgrade App Version search for the “Gboard APK” file on Google. Navigate to APK Mirror on any hubs, which can aggregate for sideloading once you reach there, download, and install the older version for it.

Clear Data and Cache of Gboard Application

If you face the issue with Gboard in a single app and the rest are working perfectly fine, you can clear the cache of the Gboard application. This will remove the lousy cache files which were stopping the application from performing smoothly. For doing so,

  • Go into the settings
  • Open Mobile Phone Settings
  • Click on App Management
  • Open App Management under Mobile Settings
  • Select App List and in it Select Gboard App
  • Select App List from App Management and Select Gboard in it
  • In Gboard App Information Click on Storage Usage
  • Click on Storage Usage in Gboard App Information
  • Now click on the Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • Clear Data and Cache of Gboard App

In case this also doesn’t solve your problem, apply the same method by clear cache and app data. But doing so will change your preferences, and you may need to adjust some of its settings manually.

Clear Data and Cache of Gbaord Application
Clear Data and Cache of Gbaord Application

Force Stop the Application

To force stop the gboard application,

Force Stop Gboard Application
Force Stop Gboard Application
  • go to settings,
  • select the Gboard application within the apps.
  • Now click on the force stop to reset the application process.

Enroll in the Gboard Beta Program or install older APK

If none of those mentioned above options have worked for you, then go with this one. 

It is believed that the beta version is more stable than the public version. Disable the Gboard application if your Gboard keeps stopping.

Make sure that the Gboard and your Android device are updated

Check if you don’t miss any pending updates. Installing those updates may solve your problem. To do so

  • Go to Google Play Store and tap on the three lines made at upper left corner’
  • Now select My apps and games
  • You will see the list of apps which has not been updated
  • Tap on the update option if Gboard is on the list. If its been already updated it wont show in the list.

Now move to settings for checking your Android update

  • Select the system option and tap system update
  • Next, you would be notified if there are any pending updates.
  • Uninstall Gboard and reinstall it

Factory Reset

Before proceeding to this step, make sure that choosing this option will erase all your data and apps, including personal information. To do so, it’s advised to create a backup in your device. You can also take the help of some troubleshooting apps if your Gboard has stopped.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Gboard

You can disable the Gboard or uninstall it if the gboard has stopped working. To do so

  • Open the settings on your device
  • Scroll down and find Gboard
  • Now tap on it and click unistall
  • Confirm by clicking on OK

And once you successfully Uninstalled Gboard, restart your Mobile and reinstall Gboard’s Latest Version from Google Play Store.


This was all about the tricks to resolve the problem of Gboard. Trying using the most convenient one according to your need and hope the issues get resolved. In case these options also don’t work for you, it is advisable to install another keyboard.

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