What is the WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe), and why Is it using so Much CPU?

The WMI Provider Host process is an essential part of the Windows system which usually runs in the background, its function is to provide information to the system whenever requested. 

The problem with this process is that it sometimes uses a lot of CPU usage which may bother the user but that also indicates that some function in your PC is behaving badly.

Oh my god, which function? How do I find that? How do I fix that? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

If these are the questions that are bursting your mind up then hey relax this is what this article is all about!

What Is a WMI Provider Host?

What is the WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe)

“WMI” stands for “Windows Management Instrumentation”. It is basically a Windows Host Management system that is used by various software developers for monitoring processes. It acts as an information relay i.e. it provides information about the various running software when the system asks for it. These requests are managed by the WMI (providers) itself and only they are accountable for every bit of the system information. 

The WMI providers are not just limited to the Windows services, various third-party applications and services can also be created with the help of these providers.

 It is an essential service that the applications cannot work without. If by any chance its processing gets stop then so many features in your PC will become completely useless and most importantly you might not receive error notifications so well. 

WMI Provider Host

Why Is It Using So Much CPU?

WMI Provider Host is a system program that runs in the background which shouldn’t normally use much CPU as it shouldn’t be doing anything but sometimes it uses some CPU when some other software or script asks for information via WMI, and that’s completely normal. High usage actually indicates that some other application is requesting some data via WMI.

The system hosts so many different hardware drivers from a different address which generally requires a much higher level of memory Access.And Here We Are Listed 15 Blazing Fast DNS Servers for PS4.

However, very high CPU usage that too for a long time is a red flag i.e. it indicates that something is seriously wrong with the system because the WMI Provider doesn’t use lot’s of CPU resources at all time.

At this point, you need to calm down and try to restart your Windows Management Instrumental service system because that might work!

There’s a way to restart this service without restarting your computer and To do this you need to follow the following steps:

  • First, you need to open your Start menu then search/type “Services.msc”, and press Enter to launch the Services tool.
  • After that look for the “Windows Management Instrumentation service” in the list, double-click it, and tap “Restart”.

If you continuously notice the high use of CPU resources, then it’s very likely that another process in your system is misbehaving.

 If any process is constantly requesting a huge amount of information from the providers, this will automatically cause the WMI Provider process to increase the CPU usage.

•To identify or diagnose which specific process is causing problems with WMI, you can use the Event Tracking for Windows 

  1. If you’ve windows 10 or 8,  click the Start button – select “Event Viewer to open it. For Windows 7 you can either use the SDK/WPT (Build 15086)  or you can open the Start menu and type “Eventvwr.msc” after that press Enter to launch it. 
WMI Provider Host
  1. On the left side of the Event Viewer window, go to Applications and Service\Logs\Microsoft\Windows\ WMI-Activity\Operation.
WMI Provider Host
  1. After that scroll through the list and see for recent “Error” events. Check every event and see the number to the right of “ClientProcessId” in the bottom lane. This tells you the ID number of the process/processes that caused this error.
WMI Provider Host

Some Frequently asked FAQ’s about WMI Host Provider

How Do I Stop the Wmi Provider Host From Using so Much CPU?

There are so many alternatives and complex methods out there for you but the simplest one is you can try 
– Restarting your Windows Management Instrumentation Service
– Repairing corrupt files
– Restarting other connected services.
– Diagnose the problem by using Event viewer and then remove it 

Can I end the WMI provider host?

WMI Provider Host is a system provided service. Hence, one cannot permanently disabled or end the WMI Provider and even if you do try to disable the service there’s a high chance that it might crash and that will lead to the misbehaving of various functions in your PC.
In that case, you need to wipe and reinstall the Windows system.

How Much CPU Usage Is Normal?

Normal CPU usage is up to 4% at ideal, 5-10% while watching high qualities videos at YouTube or any other video streaming site and 10-30% per cent while playing light games or less demanding games and up to 65% while playing heavy or high demanding games.

Every process going on in our PC uses CPU as per their own need so does the WMI, it is just one of the several hidden but executable files that keep your  PC’s working smoothly by keeping your Windows installation working. One cannot disable it, if you try high chances are it may crash.

If a process in your Windows task manager looks unfamiliar, you can scan it for malware just to be on the safe side because it’s your PC we are talking about after all.

Now, you know the drill so if you’ve any other alternative solution, or suggestion or question or any word of advice for us please let us know in the comment section below!

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